July 21, 2011


I was asked to come up with a poster to promote Miller Genuine Draft 64 at a bar. Since this is a low-calorie beer, I wanted to portray the message that drinking MGD64 would help you be thin.

I asked both men and women who they thought the target of this ad was. The interesting thing was the men thought it was directed at men, and the women thought it was directed at women. The women thought it gave the message of "drink MGD64 to have this kind of body." The men thought that it gave the message of "drink MGD64, get a sexy girl."


  1. It looks great. I would probably try to push the tag line font a bit more...perhaps a modern sans serif? Leinenkugel's already uses a similar family. (Caslon if memory is correct?) Changing it also depends on how many other ads from Leinie's are around this one. It would be cool if you guys could take a tour of every place that displays your print designs, would probably help push creativity.

  2. I believe caslon is a serif font. That aside, would you have combined fonts in the tag? Perhaps "see" and "get" being in a san serif? I had selected the font to bring to mind the MGD64 logo. The tagline area was probably the part I debated the most. I had originally thrown some italics in there, but thought the loss of legibility was greater than the emphasis it added.


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