January 8, 2016

Sample Newegg.com Ad for Cyber Monday

As part of an assignment, I created an sample ad for newegg.com for Cyber Monday. This ad was designed to persuade consumers looking for deals on electronics to forego Black Friday shopping, and instead shop online on Cyber Monday. Without directly naming competitors, this ad is making fun of the long lines, and even tents, that show up outside of big box retailers before Black Friday.

In recent years, brick and mortar stores are starting Black Friday earlier than ever, with some beginning their sales on Thanksgiving Day. There has been some backlash, especially on social media, against these businesses. This ad makes subtle reference to that backlash, suggesting that Thanksgiving shouldn't be for shopping.

Sample newegg.com ad

January 7, 2016

Yamaha sample ads for VALS types

For one of my classes Fall 2015, I made sample ads for Yamaha boats. These ads were designed to appeal to one of the VALS types. The VALS types categorize consumers based on their primary motivation and resources. I created a "Strivers" ad and an "Experiencers" ad.

Ad appealing to Strivers

Strivers Ad

Strivers are concerned with gaining the approval of others. They care about status and achievement. The focus of this ad is to stress that owning a Yamaha boat is a sign of success. The Yamaha owner has worked hard to achieve success, and can demonstrate his level of success when others see his Yamaha boat.

Tagline: You’ve Earned It
The tagline implies that the consumer has earned both the financial ability to afford a Yamaha boat and the approval of others.

Ad appealing to Experiencers

Experiencers Ad

Experiencers seek excitement and novelty. They would rather spend money on an experience than an object. The key to attracting them is demonstrating the fun times that will be had when they buy a Yamaha boat. This ad showcases the fun of the experience of owning a boat over physical characteristics of the boat.

Tagline: Adventure Awaits
The tagline tells consumers that there is a new world of adventures, just waiting to be discovered when they buy a Yamaha boat.

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